Server to Server Migration

Server to Server Migration

With a server to server migration, all clients need to go through the signup process. During a server migration/transfer the customer has two choices.

Option 1:

The support team performs the migration and the customer is charged $25 per site. We will spin up a new server and perform the migration of the sites, the customer will need to manage the change of IP address and updating of name servers.

These steps below will assist you to set the proper expectation when it comes to the migration process.

  • Check the current server RAM utilization
    • If the server has more than 1GB of RAM available during normal utilization, move on with the migration.
    • If the server has less than 1GB of RAM available, recommend that the customer upgrade their RAM.
  • Strongly recommend they upgrade their DotNetNuke installations to the latest version.
    • This will assist the migration process and stop possible compatibility issues.
  • Let them know that IP addresses will not move over
  • The customer will cease all content and configuration modifications 24 hours prior to the migration
  • There will be a $25 charge per site migrated
  • The standard is 4 sites per hour in an 8 hour period, with a 4 site minimum.
  • Email will not be migrated.

Option 2:

The customer can purchase the server and perform the migration themselves. They will be responsible for the migration process.


***Important Billing Information***

When you are migrating to another server you will be given a 30 day "transition period" in order to migrate to a new server without duplicate payment. During the 30 day transition period, it is the customer's responsibility to get everything migrated and to submit a Termination Request on the old server.  If the migration is not complete and the termination request is not entered, prior to the completion of your 30 days both servers will be billed (this includes both your existing server and the new server).
The new server will be billed upon setup, and the existing, current server will have a 30 day extension before billing again. 
It is the responsibility of the sales rep who owns the migration to send the following canned reply (via the ticket system),  regarding cancelling the old subscription. This canned reply can be found under "Server to Server Migration: Termination of Existing Subscription" In the Ticket System. 
Your migration is now complete and you now have two live subscriptions. 
The last thing that we will need from you is to make sure that your old subscription get cancelled through your control panel so that you do not get billed again for the old subscription. Here is the knowledgebase article that explains how to do that. 
lease note, that it is your responsibility to log onto your control panel and submit a subscription termination for the subscription you no longer need. 
Until you have completed a termination request, you will continue to be billed for both subscriptions. 
Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.


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