How to Set Up Scheduled Backups in Plesk

How to Set Up Scheduled Backups in Your Control Panel

If you would like to configure scheduled backups of your website please follow the instructions below.

Note for shared server environments: Although the daily option is available while scheduling your backups, this will be automatically reset to weekly backups by a nightly scheduled task to ease load on both server resources.  If a backup between the weekly scheduled backups is required please contact the Support Department.

  1. Log in to the Plesk control panel.
  2. Select the Websites & Domains tab on the left.
    1. Dedicated server customers: choose Subscriptions and then click on the subscription name instead
  3. Select the Backup Manager on the right.
  4. Click the Schedule link.
  5. Complete the following required information regarding your scheduled backups:
    1. Check Activate this backup task in order to turn this task on.
    2. Select a Backup period (see the note at the top of this article).
      1. Select a day and time to start your backups, as well as the interval (weekly, monthly).
      2. Choose to either use incremental backups or only full backups.
        1. Full backups are complete backups of all items.
        2. Incremental backups only include items that have changed since the last full backup.
      3. Decide how long you wish to retain backups based on the interval selected.
        1. Note: Backups do add to your disk space usage so we do not recommend keeping more than 2 - 3 full backups at one time depending on your allotted disk space.
      4. Choose which site items to include in the backup
      5. Choose where to store the backup if remote/FTP storage is configured
      6. Choose which extra items to configure
        1. Exclude Log Files will exclude site and database log files from the backup, helping to reduce the size of the backup
        2. DO NOT select Suspend Domain Until The Backup Task Is Complete, as the site will remain suspended if the backup stalls or fails
  6. Click OK

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