Make Changes to your Shared Hosting DotNetNuke Site and Publish it Live

Use the Temporary Alias to View the Site and Learn How to Make it Live

Now that you are familiar with your Control Panel, let’s focus on your website.


To help you get started, we created a temporary alias for your new website. This allows you to work on your site before you make it live for the world to see.


To use the temporary alias, click on the link in your control panel or open a browser, type your domain name then add a to the end. (If your site was installed before our switch to, your temporary alias may be From here you can log into your DNN installation and work on your site. Be aware that the temporary aliases are removed from our systems periodically to keep them running smoothly.


If this is a new installation of DNN, be sure to change the well-known SuperUser accounts’ passwords to protect your website from unauthorized access. To change the host password, click on Host > SuperUser Accounts, then click the pencil next to the host username. The Manage Password tab lets you make that change.


Also change the admin account’s password by choosing Admin > User Accounts and repeating the process.


Once your website is ready, you can bring it live in one of two ways. Log into your account with your domain registrar and point your name server records to and Alternately, you can point your ‘A’ record to your new IP address. Once the DNS records have propogated, your website will be available for the whole world to see.


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