Welcome to your Managed.com Shared Hosting Account

A Brief Orientation to your Shared Hosting Account
Welcome to your Managed.com shared hosting account.  Whether you are new to DotNetNuke, or new to Managed.com, the next few minutes will help you understand how to use our tools.

The first thing you need to do is log into your control panel.  Go to the Managed.com website and click on Account Login. Login using the email address and password you provided when you signing up.

Once you are logged in, go to the drop down menu and choose your subscription under active hosting subscriptions. The different drop down options determine which Control Panel tabs you see.

The Account tab manages your billing preferences.  You can check your balance, view invoices, and change the way you make payments. For example, if your credit card is about to expire, choose it. Click on Edit. Then change the Expiration date.

Though the Help & Support tab you can access our Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base has answers to common questions you may have. You can also contact our billing, sales, and support teams by launching a ticket.

To manage your website select the Home tab; in the My Subscriptions section choose your website.

The Websites & Domains tab helps you work with files, set up FTP Accounts, DNS Records, and even take Backups of your website. If your domain has an alias or a portal off the DNN installation, click on Add Domain Alias to set up the IIS host headers that will direct the alias to your website.

From the Mail tab you can set up email accounts. If you are looking for something and don’t see it, be sure to check the knowledge base or ask our support team.  You can submit a ticket or call us any time. Up next, learn about your temporary alias and how to make your site live.

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