How to Migrate an Existing DNN Website to a Dedicated Server

How to Migrate an Existing DNN Website to a Dedicated Server

To start, within the remote desktop session of your dedicated server open Control Suite and right click on Plesk. Login as admin. If you will be managing the website, click on Subscriptions then click Add New Subscription.

Supply the domain name, a login, and a password. You will use the login and password to upload the files and database backup to your server.

Next use an FTP client to upload the website’s files and database backup to the server. Start your FTP client software on your PC. In the host section, type your server’s IP address. Supply the username and password you chose when you created the domain, then connect to your server. Transfer your site files and database backup from your PC to the domain’s private folder on your server.

Return to your server’s Remote Desktop connection and extract the zipped files. Control Suite provides a quick way to extract the files. In Control Suite expand Plesk. Right click on the domain, and choose explore site files. Move one folder back, then double click on the Private folder. Extract your website backup.

In Control Suite, expand the domain. Click on No App Installed. In the Command Ribbon click on Migrate App. Cllick on Next. Click on the cell next to Database_Source, then click on the ellipsis in the cell. Control Suite supports migrating a SQL backup file or the raw mdf and ldf files. Click on the ellipsis next to the file type you have and navigate to the domain’s private folder. Select the file then click on OK.

Repeat the process for the Files_Source cell. Click on Finish and watch the progress in the Output Pane. In a short time, your website will be ready for you to verify everything works.

If your DNN installation has parent or child portals, Control Suite can automatically create the aliases for you in Plesk. Once the migration is complete, click on the DNN icon, then choose Create Domain Aliases for Portal Aliases in the Command Ribbon.

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