Plesk Web Statistics Does Not Load When Using DNN 7.1+ Advanced URL Rewriter


Plesk Web Statistics does not load when you have DNN 7.1 and up Advanced URL Rewriter is enabled


Since Plesk tries to load the web statistics using the /plesk-stat/webstat directory, DNN tries to assume it is an extensionless URL that is needs to rewrite and tries to do so. This does not work as it is not a DNN page

DNN 9.x and Up

While logged in as a superuser in DNN do the following:

  1. Select the Gear (Settings) in the DNN Persona Bar and select SEO

  2. While on the URL Management tab select the Expressions tab

  3. In the section labeled Do Not Rewrite URL Regular Expression add the following line to the end of the line

DNN 8.0.4 down to DNN 7.1.x
To get Web Statistics to work, log in to DNN as a superuser and go to Host > SQL and run the following script exactly as set:
Please Note: Take a backup of your site before making any changes to the database

INSERT INTO {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}hostsettings
, SettingValue
, SettingIsSecure 
, CreatedByUserId
, CreatedOnDate
, LastModifiedByUserId
, LastModifiedOnDate
, 0
, -1
, -1


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