FTP Client will not connect to Microsoft FTP Server

This article explains why you get an MLSD error when attempting to connect to a Managed.com server via FTP to Microsoft's FTP service


  • FTP hangs on MLSD in FIleZilla client trying to connect to Microsoft FTP server.    

Possible Causes of the hang

  • The default domain in Basic Authentication is not blank


  1. Open IIS Manager on the server by opening a RUN (Win Key + R) dialog box and typing inetmgr (see image below)

  2. Expand ServerSites and find the server IP address

    Please note: If a customer has a dedicated IP address you will need to use that IP address during the below steps

  3. Double click on the IP and then double click on FTP Authentication

  4. A new window pane will open you you will see Anonymous Authentication and Basic Authentication listed, select Basic Authentication and select Edit... in the right sidebar

  5. Make sure there are no characters or spaces in the popup box that appears and select OK



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