How to Configure Joomla on to Send Email

How to Configure Joomla on to Send Email
Because email services require authentication, web applications in our environment must use SMTP, and not PHP mail, to send email from our servers. This guide describes the process for setting up Joomla 3.1.x to send email in our environment.
  1. Log into your site's administrative interface at
  2. In the left sidebar select Global Configuration.

  3. Select the Server tab.

  4. In the Mail Settings section, in the Mailer drop-down menu, select SMTP.
  5. Input your desired values for the From Email and From Name fields.
  6. Ensure SMTP Authentication is turned on, and security is set to None.
  7. Fill in your SMTP Host, Username, and Password. This information can be obtained or set through your Control Panel if you're sending from your domain. 

  8. If you wish to use our mail relay, contact support and we will provide you with your relay information.

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