How to Add a Contact to Your Account_NEEDS UPDATED TO WHMCS

Notification Contacts for Your Account

Notification Contacts are listed on your account and can contact support or the billing department with issues or concerns, but they do not have access to the Control Panel. They can not make changes to the hosting environment like adding RAM or disk space or see billing information.  Notification Contacts also receive important notices from our billing, infrastructure, and communications teams regarding their account, maintenance, and other items.  For detailed information on the kinds of notices we send to our customers, see the KB "Managing Notifications and Subscription Information from and"
To manage your Administrative/Billing/Technical Contacts:
  1. Log into your Control Panel.
  2. Click on the  Account tab. 
  3. Click on Account Contacts
  4. Click on Edit and change/update any information that is needed. (You will have a choice of Administrative/Billing/Technical Contacts)
If you do not have the Administrative/Billing/Technical Contacts available, you will need to open a ticket with billing

Multiple Points of Contact

We sometimes receive requests for multiple emails to be added to a single contact category. For example, a customer may want everyone on the development team to receive all service announcements. Our systems only allow one email at a time to be listed in each category. However customers can establish an email alias that forwards all notifications to a mailing list that they manage. This can be something like: 
Customers then manage that email list internally to ensure that only those they authorize receive these notifications. 

Authorized Managers of Your Account

An Authorized Manager is a special control panel user that has full control of the entire account including control panel and payment management access.  To request an additional authorized manager for your account:
  1. Log into your Control Panel.
  2. Click on the  Help and Support tab. 
  3. Click on Submit a Ticket. Choose the Billing department. 
  4. Copy the Sample Request below, supplying the necessary information regarding the person you want to add as an contact.
Sample Request
I would like to add the following individual as a contact on my account.  I understand that this person will only have the ability to open tickets and communicate with staff.  They will not have access to the Control Panel and billing information.
Account ID:  [This is the numeric ID that is listed at the top of your account when you log into the control panel]
Account Name:
Account Email:
Phone Number:  

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