How to Configure Drupal on to Send Email

 How to Configure Drupal on to Send Email
The standard email servers provided by are designed to meet the mail requirements of almost all users while protecting our customers from spammers and getting their email blacklisted. They require SMTP authentication, even if mail is being sent locally. The default php mail function does not attempt to provide credentials, so any code that relies on it to send email must be modified to work in our environment.
Add a Module that Provides SMTP Authentication
In order to send email from Drupal on, you will need to install SMTP authentication support. The following module is currently the most popular Drupal module for providing SMTP authentication in Drupal 7.
This guide describes how to install and configure this module so that your Drupal 7 site can send mail using SMTP. 
  1. First, log into your Drupal site as Admin and go to the Modules page. 
  2. Click the Install new module button.

  3. In another browser tab or window, pull up the page for the Drupal module to be installed, . Find the download link, right click on it, and select copy link location.

  4. Paste this location, which is currently , into the module installation page.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Once the module has finished installing, you will need to enable it and configure it. Click the check box in the "enable" column beside the module name, and then click the Save Configuration button.
  7. Once that's enabled, refresh the page. You should see some options beside it.
  8. Click configure.
  9. On the next screen, under the Install options section, make sure the module is turned on, and then enter the SMTP settings of the server you're using to send mail. If you're using complimentary mail relay services, your settings will resemble those shown below.

If you wish to use our mail relay and do not know your credentials, contact our support, and we will get them for you. When the SMTP credentials are correct, click Save Configuration at the bottom of the page. We also recommend sending a test email to verify that your settings work. Once your receive your test email, your Drupal site is configured to send mail in our environment.

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