How to Disable a Drupal Module

How to Disable a Drupal Module
It may be necessary at some point to disable a Drupal module either to avoid conflicts with another module or to conserve system resources. These are the steps to do that.
Method 1 - Disable the Module through the Drupal Dashboard
  1. Sign into your Drupal site as admin.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Next to the module you wish to disable, uncheck the box in the Enabled column.

  4. The benefit of this method, aside from being user-friendly, is that Drupal will prevent you from disabling modules upon which other modules depend, thereby breaking your site. 
Method 2 - Disable the Module through the Website's Database
  1. If you cannot access this page, and know for certain that a given module can and should be disabled, it can also be done directly in the MySQL database for the site.
  2. Log into your Control Panel to access Plesk.
  3. Choose your domain's subscription.
  4. Click the Websites & Domains tab.
  5. Click on Database.
  6. Click the Webadmin button, opening PHPMyAdmin on that database, or if you have a Dedicated Server open SQLyog and navigate to the database for the site.

  7. Open the system table.
  8. Locate the row where type is module and name is the name of the module you intend to disable.
  9. Change the status field of that row to 0.

  10. The module should be disabled.

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