How to Provide Higher Level FTP Access On Your Dedicated Server

How to Provide Higher Level FTP Access On Your Dedicated Server
With the release of Parallels Panel 10.X, support for Gene6 was removed, with Windows FTP becoming the default option for Panel FTP configuration. This unfortunately removes some of the functionality that was available in Gene6, such as the ability to provide FTP access to a folder that is higher than the root domain level.
If your dedicated server hosted with us is currently running in this environment and you would like to provide higher level FTP access you may do so by running FileZilla Server along side the default Windows FTP configuration, and creating secondary users directly within FileZilla FTP Server who have access to the required folders. 
Instructions for configuring FileZilla Server are listed below.
Install FileZilla Server
  1. Download FileZilla Server from
  2. Once downloaded run the installer and click I Agree on the License Agreement page.
  3. On the Choose Components screen uncheck the Source Code option and leave all other options checked then click Next.
  4. Use the default Destination Folder and click Next.
  5. On the Startup settings page select the Install as service option, start with Windows (default) in the drop down and leave the Port set to the default then click Next.
  6. Use the default Start settings (Start if user logs on, apply to all users (default)) and click Install.
  7. Click Close once the installation has completed.
Configure FileZilla Ports and Plesk Firewall Rules
  1. When you start up FileZilla Server it will ask you what server you would like to connect to, use the IP address and the default Port Number and check the Always connect to this server box and click OK to connect to, and Log on to the server.
  2. Once logged on to the server click Edit > Settings.
  3. In General Settings change the Listen on these ports box from the default of 21 to 5050.
  4. Click on Passive mode settings in the tree on the left.
  5. Check the Use custom port range box.
  6. Enter 1025 in the first box and 1050 in the second box then click on OK 
  7. Close the FileZilla Server.
On Servers Running Plesk 11.x and Below
  1. Open Parallels Panel and log in as Admin.
  2. Click Tools & Settings > Firewall > Firewall Rules tab.
  3. Click on Add Firewall Rule.
  4. In the Rule name box enter FileZilla Server.
  5.  In the Allow connections to the following port or port range field type 5050.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Close Parallels Panel.
On Servers Running Plesk 12.x
  1. Press your Windows key and type Firewall.
  2. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
  3. Click on Inbound Rules.
  4. In the Actions section, click New Rule...
  5. Select the Port radio button and click Next.
  6. In the Specific local ports: field type 5050.
  7. With the Allow the connection option chosen, click Next.
  8. At the When does this rule apply? screen leave all options chosen and click Next.
  9. Name the rule FileZilla Server and click Finish.
  10. Repeat the process for an Outbound rule for Filezilla Server with port 5050 allowing the connection.
Configure Groups and Users in FileZilla Server
  1. Press your Windows key and E to bring up Windows Explorer.
  2. Create a folder you will use to upload files to on your server.
    For security reasons we do NOT recommend providing access to the root level of your server.
  3. Open the Start Screen and click on the FileZilla Server Interface icon.
  4. When you start up FileZilla Server, if it asks you what server you would like to connect to, use​ and the default Port Number and click OK to connect to, and Log on to the server.
  5. Once logged on to the server click Edit > Groups
  6. On the General page click on the Add button on the right hand side.
  7. Enter a name for the Group you wish to create and click OK. Groups are used to manage a group of a number of users with identical access.
  8. In the Page: tree, click on the Shared folders option.
  9. Click the Add button and browse to the folder you want to provide access to then click OK, and then OK again.
    For security reasons we do NOT recommend providing access to the root level of your server.
  10. On the main FileZilla Server screen Click Edit > Users.
  11. In the Users section, click the Add button and provide a name for your User and select the Group created previously from the dropdown menu and click OK.
  12. Select the user from the Users box and check the Password box.
  13. Type the password for this user into the Password box and click OK.
Repeat the above steps to create as many Groups or Users as required.
Once FileZilla Server is installed and users are created you can use our article How to Use FTP  to connect to your new FTP accounts. Be sure to specify port 5050 when connecting to the FTP server so you are accessing the FileZilla server instead of the Microsoft FTP server.

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