How to Back Your Site Up Using the Personal FTP Repository

While having backups of your website helps provide piece of mind, having backups stored off the server can be even better. Storing backups locally can also reduce the disk space usage of your subscription. To use the Control Panel's Personal FTP Repository settings to upload the scheduled backups from the Control Panel to a location on your own FTP server, follow the instructions below.

Please be aware that although many of our customers do have success in setting up their Personal FTP Repository there are many factors outside of our control and support that can affect its success on you local FTP server, and we recommend it only for advanced users. Additionally, if you are using a firewall to block all IP addresses accept specific ones than this will not work unless you allow the IP address through your firewall.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel.
  2. From the Domains tab, click the domain you want to set up for FTP backup
  3. Select Backup Manager in the right hand menu
  4. Select the Remote Storage Settings option and choose FTP
  5. Fill in the required information regarding your FTP Server:
    1. Check the Use FTP Storage box
    2. FTP Server hostname or IP - the IP address or resolvable server name of your ftp server
    3. Directory for backup files storage (Optional) - where you want the backups to be stored. (note, this folder must already exist on your FTP server - Plesk cannot create it)
    4. FTP Username - user account that has write access to the directory specified
    5. FTP Password - password of the above FTP account
    6. Check the passive mode check box
    7. If you require an SSL secure connection, check the Use FTPS checkbox (only check this option if you are sure it is required)
    8. If you do not require your backup to be password protected do not check the Use password protection box
      1. If you check the password protection box and forget the password, the backups can not be restored without resetting passwords of account information in the backup
  6. Click OK
  7. The Control Panel will test the settings you have entered.  If there is a problem with the FTP settings you will receive an error to advise you which setting is incorrect
Configure Scheduled Backups to Your Personal FTP Repository
  1. Log in to the Control Panel
  2. From the Domains tab, click the domain you want to set up for FTP backup
  3. Select the Backup Manager
  4. Click the Schedule tab
  5. Complete the following required information regarding your scheduled backups:
    1. Check Activate this backup task option
    2. Select a backup period, day and time to run the backup task
    3. Enter a number of backups to be stored on your FTP Server (optional, but if no value is entered an unlimited number of backups will be stored)
    4. Leave User files and databases selected
    5. Choose where the backup will be stored (this will be the FTP storage entered in the previous steps)
    6. Leave Use native MS SQL backup functionality checked
  6. Click OK

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