Migrate a DotNetNuke Site from Current Host to a Managed.com Dedicated Server

Migrate a DotNetNuke Site from Current Host to a Managed.com Dedicated Server

This article describes how to use the Control Suite to migrate a DNN site to your new server. It describes the process from backing up your site files and database through making your site live on your new server.

Back Up Your Existing Site
In your current environment, back up your DotNetNuke site. You may use any of the following:
  • A Plesk backup
  • A copy of your site files with a SQL .bak file all zipped together
  • A copy of your site files with the SQL MDF and LDF files all zipped together.
Create the Subscription/Domain in Plesk
See How to Create a Subscription/Domain on your Dedicated Server

Use an FTP Client to Upload the Backup to Your Dedicated Server
  1. Start your FTP client.
  2. Type the server's IP address in the Host: field.
  3. Supply the FTP account you made when creating your subscription/domain in the Username and Password fields. Connect.
  4. Copy your backup to the private folder of the domain.
Migrate the Site with Control Suite
  1. Use Remote Desktop to log into your dedicated server.
  2. Navigate to the C:\inetpub\vhosts\[yourdomain.com}\private folder and extract your zipped file.
  3. Double click on the Control Suite icon on your desktop. If the shortcut is not available, browse to c:\netstrap\SystemControl and run NetStrap.exe via Windows Explorer.
  4. Click Login.
  5. In the Navigation Tree:
    1. Expand Plesk x.x.x (Domains).
    2. Expand the domain you will be migrating.
    3. Click on No App Installed.
  6. In the Commands Ribbon, Click on Migrate DotNetNuke.
    Migrate DNN using the Migrate DNN button
  7. In the Main Window, click into the Database_Source field and click the [...] button.
  8. Click the [...] button in the SQL .BAK Backup section.
    Choose Database Backup
  9. Navigate to the .bak file for the domain you are restoring and click Open.
  10. In the Main Window, click into the File_Source field and click the [...] button.
  11. Navigate to the site files for the domain you are restoring and click OK.
  12. In the Main Window click Execute.
    Migrate DNN fully filled out
  13. Control Suite will complete the restoration of your site and will load the site when the restoration is complete.
  14. If your DNN installation has portal aliases, click on the DNN installation in the left navigation tree. Click on Create Domain Aliases for Portal Aliases icon and Control Suite will add those aliases to Plesk for you.
  15. Test your migrated sites and any portals connected to it to verify they operate as expected.
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Post Migration Steps

Many of our customers choose to upgrade their sites prior to making them live. Depending on the modules installed and the versions you are moving from and to, upgrading can be a complicated process. See How to Upgrade Your DotNetNuke Site for information about the upgrade process. If you choose to upgrade the site yourself, Control Suite has an Upgrade DotNetNuke App button which will take a backup of your existing site, apply the package you specify and run the upgrade script. Be sure to follow the recommended upgrade path listed at the bottom of the window - upgrading to the first major release before upgrading to the next one, etc. fixing issues along the way.If an upgrade fails see How to Restore a DotNetNuke Website from a Control Suite Backup.
Upgrade DNN options

Make Your Site Live

You have two options for making your site live:
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