PageBlaster Fix for .NET 4.5 and DotNetNuke

PageBlaster Module Workaround for .NET 4.5

DotNetNuke pages with the PageBlaster module installed may display as blank or distorted.

The version of PageBlaster installed on your site was written to run on a server using .NET 4.0. If the server your site is hosted on is running .NET 4.5 or above this may be the cause of the issue.

The popular DotNetNuke module PageBlaster is in the process of being updated by Snapsis Software to accommodate .NET 4.5 (DotNetNuke 6/7) and this updated module will need to be installed on your site. 

This method allows you to use .NET 4.5 on your site and works around a compression issue with gzip. Switch to deflate in theSnapsi.PageBlaster.config file located in the root of the website (httpdocs):



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