How to Purchase an Additional IP Address

Most customers will only ever need one IP address. However, some customers may require a dedicated IP address for certain services or types of websites (sites that require SSL, for example). Whether you are a Shared Hosting customer or a Dedicated Server customer, the process to purchase an additional IP address is very similar.

Steps for Purchasing an Additional IP Address
  1. Log into your Control Panel.
  2. In the subscription dropdown in the upper right corner, choose the subscription or dedicated server you wish to add an IP address to.
  3. Click on the Account tab.
  4. Under the Store section, click on Buy Resources.
  5. In the New Limit text box, type the number IP addresses you would like your server to have and then click Next.
  6. Complete the wizard to finalize your purchase.

For Shared Hosting

Once you have completed the purchase process, an IP address should be assigned to your subscription automatically. This process typically takes a few minutes, at which point you should see the IP available from the dropdown under your Web Hosting Settings. If you do not see the additional IP available within 5-10 minutes, please submit a ticket to our Support team to verify that the IP is provisioning as expected.

For Dedicated Server Customers

Once you have completed your purchase you will need to open a support ticket requesting to add your purchased IP to your server. Please indicate what server (either by name or default IP) the IP should be added to, and if you would like us to assign it to a specific domain or if you would just like us to add it to the server for you to assign at a later time.

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