Creating Host Records (Name Servers) with your Registrar

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Creating Host Records with your Registrar
Creating Host Records with your registrar allows you to tell the internet that you are running your own name servers.  The steps below are provided for GoDaddy based on their configuration at the time of this article, The individual steps may change, however, a similar process will work for this and all registrars.
This process assumes you have a "master" domain name that you want to set up as your branded name servers.
Once this process is complete, you will need to configure your server to respond to DNS Requests.

Creating Host Records on GoDaddy
  1. Log into your GoDaddy account
  2. Click on the Domains menu item and select My Domains.
  3. Click on Domain Management and the domain name that you want create a custom name server for. Supply the default domain you set up in the previous section.
  4. Under Host Summary click on Add if you have none, or view/modify if this has already been set up.
  5. Add the following hosts:
    • Host Name:
    • Host IP: <The IP Address of Your Server>
    • Host Name:
    • Host IP: <The IP Address of Your Server>
  6. Back on the main screen for that domain, click on the Set Nameservers link.
  7. Click on the I have specific nameservers for my domains radio button.
  8. Use these name servers:
  9. Now you may close out of GoDaddy.
You have now configured the HOST records for your domain.  You can now use your own server as its own DNS server.

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