How to Change/Reset the Joomla Administrator Password

How to Change or Reset the Joomla Administrator Password

How to Change the Joomla Administrator Password

Your Joomla administrator account was configured as part of the Joomla installation. You can change your username, password and email address that were configured for you. When you choose a new password, be sure to use a strong one.

  1. Login to the back end of your Joomla site. If you need help logging into your back end you can go here: How do I access the back end of my Joomla site?
  2. Under the Users Menu choose User Manager.
  3. Click Super User account.
  4. You can now change the login name, password and email address for your administrator account
  5. Click Save & Close

How to Reset the Joomla Administrator Password

  1. Login to your Control Panel.
  2. Click System tab.
  3. Under My Subscriptions select your domain name.
  4. Click Websites & Domains.
  5. Select Databases.
  6. Click on the name of your database.
  7. Under the Tools menu choose Webadmin to open phpMyAdmin. 
  8. Click on the *_users table. The full table name has a prefix and will look similar to jos_users.
  9. Find your admin user and click on Edit.
    Admin Password Reset
  10. Copy d2064d358136996bd22421584a7cb33e:trd7TvKHx6dMeoMmBVxYmg0vuXEA4199 into the password field and click on Go.
  11. You will see a "1 row affected" message and your password will have been changed to secret.
  12. Login to the back end of your Joomla site with your admin account and the password secret and change your password to something more secure.




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