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Managed Website Hosting and Support
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Managed Website Hosting and Support
Earn free hosting when you recommend us to your customers
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Refer customers, get free hosting
Our referral program allows you to receive credits for customers you refer to Managed.com. These
credits will be applied to your account and monthly bill. All customers in good standing may participate
in the program.
How does it work?
You receive a credit equal to the value of one month's service of the plan signed up for by any qualified
customers you refer to Managed.com. For example, if you refer Mr. Stark to Managed.com and he
up for a $100 /mo. account, we will apply a credit of $100 to your account.
This credit may not exceed your monthly bill. So if Mr. Stark signs up for a $100 /mo. account and you
have a $20 /mo. plan, then we will place a $20 credit on your account.
Qualified Referrals must:
• Be a new customer to Managed.com.
• Use your referral code or provide your email address when they sign up.
How do I get started?
Simply provide your customers with your referral code, which is the email address associated with
your account. For example, If you signed up with Tony@StarkEnterprises.com, then your customers
would enter that email address as their referral code. Your customers must enter this in the “Promo /
Referral Code” box at the time of their signup. If your referral does not use your referral code, we have
no way of tracking it back to you.
How will referrals be awarded?
Credits will be added to your your account, which may not exceed your monthly bill.
When do I receive my account credit?
Immediately after the referral’s third-month payment is made.
Managed.com free development server program
If you are an active developer, digital agency, or dev shop, you may also qualify for our Free
Development Server Program. In order to help developers grow their business, we will provide a free
development server for your projects. Right now, this program is an exclusive offer to people and
companies that sponsor DNN Summit.
Continue to bring us new business and you may maintain the server at no cost to you. Contact your
Managed.com sales rep for
more information.
Contact our team at
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